Different forms of Energy

  • SOLAR ENERGY: The energy radiated from sun is called the solar energy. Energy of sun is due to fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. The earth receives only a billion part of total energy from sun. Plants use solar energy to make food for themselves. This process is called photosynthesis. However, one can store this energy through solar cells. Like solar cooker, calculator or watches and now solar mobile phones.

  • HEAT ENERGY:  The energy released on burning coal oil, wood or gas is heat energy. We receive heat energy directly from sun. Heat energy has capacity to do work.

  • LIGHT ENERGY: This energy makes the object visible. The natural source of light energy is sun but lamps, candles, fire etc are also sources of light energy.

  • CHEMICAL ENERGY: The energy possessed by fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gases is called chemical energy. The earth is very hot from inside. At very high temperature and pressure and in absence of oxygen the decayed animals and plants very slowly turns into fossil fuels. These fuels contain energy stored in the chemical levels of their molecules. Like a car battery also converts stored chemical energy into electrical energy. We eat food that contains energy in chemical form.

  • HYDRO ENERGY: The energy possessed by fast moving water is called hydro energy. In big dams water is collected at some height. This water then is allowed to fall. The falling water possess kinetic energy and is used to run turbines to produce electricity.

  • WIND ENERGY: The energy possessed by wind or storm is called wind energy. Like water mill, wind energy is used to drive a wind mills. Wind mills are giant in size and use to generate electricity.

  • SOUND ENERGY: Vibrating bodies cause sound energy. It gives sensation of hearing.

  • MAGNETIC ENERGY: The energy possessed by a magnet is called magnetic energy.

  • NUCLEAR ENERGY: The energy released during the process of fission and fusion of nuclei is called nuclear energy.